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Paris, France
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Revolucien - Around This Town (ft ArZo) (ENM records)

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Member Since: April 7, 2014
Studio Access: YES

Producer Fee: $400

Gender: MALE
Country: France

  • House
  • Indie Dance
  • Nu Disco
  • Funk
  • Pop

  • English
  • French

Musician / Producer / DJ based in France & UK.

Specialised in Nu Disco, House & Funk . Feel good music. Here to collaborate with singers, musicians and also offer my mix engineer or production services.

My productions have reached hundreds of thousands of streams, all produced and mixed by myself.

10 years of experience. I can Mix or produce your songs for you. Great price quality ratio.

Get in touch for more info ;)

I look forward to hearing from you and connecting. My Instagram: revolucien_
Revolucien - Around This Town (ft ArZo) (ENM records)

69 plays

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