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Hello, my name is Jonathan. I go by my artist name, Debrasive. I have been producing for a few years and I'm still in the process of learning and expanding my knowledge and productions, especially when it comes to working with others. I have quite a few projects in the making and I often find myself in need for vocals which is why I have researched and found this website.

I do not have any full released songs yet because of my issue of lacking vocals. I have accumulated quite an amount of projects and so I decided it was time to resolve that issue, which again, is why I found this site.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I'm open to any comments.

Insta: @debrasive

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Shayna said...
"So great to work with, so patient and understanding and gives great direction! Felt like I was sitting right next to him in the studio! Definitely recommend and can't wait to work with again!
Sincerely, Shayna </3"
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