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Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
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Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
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My name is Elliot rose. You can find my music page on Facebook and sound cloud under the name "El Jay Rose" which is a stage name I was given back in my Music Uni days which I hung on to! You can listen to some of my music there! I am 22 years old and I have played piano since I was 10 and acoustic guitar since I was 16. I started being classically trained in vocals when I was five until the age of 10 when I became more rebellious as a young child against my parents and not wanting to continue with singing. After a while I remember starting to miss singing and started up again but going into pop and theater, music like phantom of the opera at the age of 11. As I came into my teens I was taught classically again at the age of 14 - 16 until I left and went to a music collage in Brighton called BIMM where I did my diploma and degree in "artist development in modern music." At that point I had a broad taste in music and loved singing different genres and styles. Music collage is where I started to self teach guitar and and hit the gigging scene in the city playing at clubs and bars building up a small fan base. Once I left Uni I got a job In London and now only proceed to do music in the studio producing my own songs and the occasional charity gig to help out locally. If you are looking for average acoustic playing I can do that but nothing amazing! Piano I can help out with but my main instrument will always be my vocals which I can always help out with for duets, harmonies and other. :) Thank you for reading!

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