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Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Winslow_Swan (
  • Male Vocalist

Birmingham, United Kingdom
Member Since: May 17, 2018
Studio Access: YES

Gender: MALE
Country: United Kingdom
Microphone: Studio Projects CS1

  • Electro
  • Indie Dance

  • English

Sounds Like: Thom Yorke 0 Elliot Smith 0

Vocal Styles: Pop Divo 0

Vocal Characteristic: Crisp 0 High 0 Smooth 0

A solo English singer/songwriter with a knack for writing catchy earworm toplines and interesting lyrics. I’m open minded as to the genres I’d sing over.
I have experience recording and mixing vocals and would be able to provide a rather professional sounding vocal. I sing in tune and I sing in time.

My own songs are indie acoustic and electronic pop. My electropop songs are on my soundcloud and youtube.
You can hear more of me on youtube or soundcloud by searching “Cosmic Boxer”.

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