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My name is tarjei krogh and i am a photographer (last 13 years) ()
and music producer from Norway.
Svett is a new music collective where anything is allowed
with focus on beats/dancefloor/charts without being sell out

my instruments are samplers and synthesizers, but my stepfather ran norways legendary jazz club, Club 7 ,and i played violin every day for many years in my childhood so i am more like a composer than a dj. my favourite genre is indie and stone rock, so you could say i am not the normal kinda clubhead

my musical influences are: northern soul, house; beats; funk; electro; indie; chill
love bands / artists like ; pixies, interpol, freemasons, depeche mode, bela bartok, bowie, ulrich schnauss, uk hiphop & lots more

would like to meet vocalists for releases on itunes/spotify.
i also make music videos / a bit lofi compared to mainstream stuff, but artistic, catchy and original

looking forward to hear your voice
full of light

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