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Breda, Netherlands
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Breda, Netherlands
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Hello and thank you for checking out my bio. I am making music just for fun right now and have no track record in the music industry. Trying out different things, inspired by Hardwell, Deadmau5, Prydz, Rehab, the peeps from Swedish House Mafia and many many classics artists.
I love working with a vocalist to improve anything I make and am willing to learn and go the distance to achieve my goal of maybe being able to live of the thing I love doing. Probably not very different from you, the one reading this.
I live in Breda (The Netherlands), a city where lots of wel known DJ's and producers come from. I've seen them grow in their early stages to what they are today and was planning on following my music heart too, but took a turn to videogame retail. Since that is no more, I am following my music passion again and who knows where it brings me. At least it is satisfying (for me) if nothin else, but damn be sure that I am someone who does not quit till I'm satisfied, falling and crawling forward. If you believe in something, let nobody stop you or tell otherwise. Piece, and give me a drop of your ideas if you wanna collab.
You (without vocal)

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"I loved working with Dragi. He's passionate, driven, and a great team player. Will definitely work with him again!"
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