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You Beautiful

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Fall Out

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Thanks for taking time and looking at my profile. My name is Mario and I'm a musician, singer, songwriter and music producer from Texas. If you have any questions feel free to message me I'm looking forward working with you.

I have written, sung, and produce the track "You Beautiful"(just a snip of my song). Key of G. I used a trumpet, 808 snare, and piano. I chopped/sampled my own vocals and added them on top of my main vocal line and played with the pitch and added effects to them.

You Beautiful
It is night and the moon
is making fun of me.
Could you go away
you beautiful girl?

Please do not stay in my mind
Come another day.
You spend the entire night
Now it's time for you to go.

You beautiful, You beautiful
You're always in my mind
You beautiful
You Beautiful

25 plays

Fall Out

50 plays

Dance Floor

51 plays

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