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Calgary, Canada
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Calgary, Canada
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Member Since: July 20, 2023
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Country: Canada

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The one defining feature that makes or breaks a party is always vibe. Big Belly Baus is a Canadian-based DJ and producer who fully embraces this notion, using his years of experience behind the decks and on the stage to ignite dancefloors and create timeless and unforgettable party moments.

With his style firmly rooted in getting people up and moving from dusk to dawn, Big Belly Baus curates a heavyweight selection of mainstage anthems and club bangers, while carving out a signature sound that breaks the mold of EDM. Instead of pigeonholing himself into a singular genre, Big Belly Baus adopts a freeform approach to both producing and DJ’ing, echoing sharp influence from those who came before him while always refraining from cheap imitation.
What's Meant To Be

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