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Atlanta, United States
Compilation Track - Anna Moore

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Gender: FEMALE
Country: United States
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Emerging r&b singer-songwriter Anna Moore discovered her love for music after writing poems at the age of 9 and eventually turned to songwriting. She states, “Writing songs is fulfilling. Being able to use words creatively, express myself and seeing people enjoy these creations is so rewarding. It’s bliss. It’s freeing for me.” Her influences include but are not limited to Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Sade, Alicia Keys and many others. The Pennsylvania native, Atlanta based singer independently released her first EP, One Day in 2017. The album features lyrics penned by Anna Moore and production by longtime friend and producer, Harry Wilson. One Day has been well received and noted by bloggers as smooth, soothing and having clear influence rooted in the 90’s. It’s her refreshing inspirational lyrics and chill vocals that grabbed the attention of listeners, young and old alike. Anna Moore continues to write her own records with goals of one day penning for your favorite artists. In addition to writing and singing, she also arranges vocals and sites that she is “a sucker for background vocals”. Look out for this upcoming artist as she continues to grow and evolve, making a name in the industry and bringing you lyrics for days.
Compilation Track - Anna Moore

83 plays

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