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(Vocalist, Producer)
Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Vidorra (
  • Male Vocalist
  • Producer

Birmingham, United Kingdom
Member Since: May 30, 2016
Studio Access: YES

Producer Fee: $29
Vocalist Fee: $17

Gender: MALE
Country: United Kingdom
Microphone: SE Electronics Gemini Mk2 Dual Valve Condenser Mic

  • Progressive House
  • Drum N Bass
  • Future House
  • Big Room House
  • Trap House

  • English

Sounds Like: Young Thug 0 The Weeknd 0 Michael Jackson 0 ZAYN 0 Chris Brown 0

Vocal Styles: Rap 0 Reggae 0 Rock 0 Soulful 0

Vocal Characteristic: Crisp 0 Deep 0 High 0 Low 0 Raspy 0 Rough 0 Silky 0 Smooth 0 Strong 0

I am a recording artist (singing and rapping), a producer and I mix and master my music. I work in all genres. I release a lot of music and collaborate a lot.

I'm looking to feature my vocals on all styles of music, and also produce in all styles of music.

Search 'Vidorra' on any music platform to hear my music.

Please get in touch if you like what you hear. Fees are completely subjective, what I've written is a complete ball park figure.

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