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United Kingdom
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hey there

my name is Val, I'm a mutli-instrumentalist musician, songwriter, vocalist and music producer.
I love all kinds of music and have my own home studio set-up, so very flexible about what and when to record.

I've been studying and playing guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, cajon, djembe, keyboards for 18 years now, I've been singing since my first band at the age of 13 and producing for almost 4 years.
I'm currently producing a couple of italian artists and working on a few international collaborations on covers I rearranged.
I absolutely love music and I'm lucky enough to have managed to make it my full time job.
I've always liked being on stage but I've recently discovered being behind the curtains and work on the creative process is what I really enjoy, so here I am, hoping to meet awesome people to collaborate with.

I'm up for recording instruments, vocals and backing vocals, arranging existing 'scheletons' or write/co-write songs from scratch.

hope to hear from you guys! :)


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