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United Kingdom

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Member Since: March 23, 2022
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Producer Fee: $300
Vocalist Fee: $300

Gender: FEMALE
Country: United Kingdom
Microphone: Rode NT1A

  • Chill Out
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  • Deep House
  • Soul

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Vocal Styles: Pop Diva 1 Soulful 0 Spoken Word 0

Vocal Characteristic: Deep 1 Raspy 0 Smooth 1

Hi there, I'm a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter with a versatile voice so I can adapt pretty easily to any genre.
I'm currently studying mixing/mastering engineering and working on my own album!

- I can create everything (melodies, lyrics, adlibs, harmonies, double-tracking) with or without a starting idea.
- I will work on your project until we are both fully satisfied with the result.
- I generally deliver a project within a week but can work faster if needed.
- I can help with mixing and tuning (Melodyne) vocals.
- All the stems I provide are WAV files comped and ready to go.
- I can work independently or give you some snippets along the process to move forward together.

Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions :)


280 plays

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