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Los Angeles, United States
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Member Since: June 25, 2017
Studio Access: YES

Vocalist Fee: $800

Gender: FEMALE
Country: United States

  • Electro
  • House
  • Chill Out
  • Tropical House
  • Future House
  • Big Room House
  • Trap House

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Singer/Songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA.
I personally make Rnb music, but I've collaborated on big room, trap, dubstep, house, future bass projects. I have a 4 octave voice which allows my versatility in such genres. i love being challenged vocally and writing wise. I'm a very hands on vocalist, i will always give my input and critiques. putting my name on something means a lot to me, so i will always send flawless stems. studio/mic/tuning access on my end. lets make something beautiful xo.

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