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Donna Cousins

United Kingdom
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Member Since: December 23, 2016
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Gender: FEMALE
Country: United Kingdom
Microphone: Blue

  • Drum and Bass
  • House
  • Chill Out
  • Country & Western
  • Reggae
  • Deep House
  • Tropical House
  • Commercial House
  • Garage
  • Speed Garage

I was the first UK Female MC, working alongside Creed, PSG, Viper, Unknown, DT, CK PEE to name a few. I first picked up the MIC in Frog and Nightgown after a couple of years getting know the sound both here and abroad. My first experience of songwriting was at 11 years old and i finally recorded the song back in 2004.
I have worked with mainstream producers and artists in both writing and vocals. As a song writer my genres are pretty varied, i am a old school writer, if the beats work and I my input works then all are happy. If you would like to work with me I'm not really fussed about money at the moment, just getting the track out and it being successful.
My Life

51 plays

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