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Adelaide, Australia
Member Since: September 10, 2018
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Producer Fee: $130

Gender: MALE
Country: Australia

  • Electronica
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Netanya (stylised: netanya) is a 19 year old music producer based in Adelaide, Australia with a long history of success and evolving EDM styles. At age 15, he released his first single 'Lights in Motion' via Italian net-label Smash Up Records, with minimal fanfare. He then collaborated with UK-based singer Santina on his second hit 'God of Israel', which has been featured on a segment on Seven Network's Today Tonight Adelaide. Since departure from Smash Up Records, Netanya has also posted demos on Spinnin Records' Talent Pool, all which got into the top 100; with peak results include Helplessly at #63 in general charts; Lights in Motion at #76 in general charts and #1 in the dubstep chart; and Crush also at #64 in the general chart. As an independent artist, he collaborated with producers Ya'akob and Strell on an EP 'Hey Cutie' and Virginia-based singer Christina Marie Magenta on a redux of Lights in Motion (2017) and Clarity (2019). Netanya will be releasing 'Lemme Go' featuring vocals by Marco from RoundRobin in July 19 2019. Netanya is also looking for new and upcoming artists to work with in the future so if you are interested in working with him, please connect and message here.

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Singer needed for write lyrics and perform vocals

Looking for: MALE VOCALIST
Budget: $100 - $300
Bids: 15
Avg Bid: $236.00

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