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Montreal, Canada
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Montreal, Canada
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Member Since: July 16, 2018
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Gender: FEMALE
Country: Canada
Microphone: rode NTV

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  • Electronica
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  • French
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Since my young age, the music is part of my days. A show of figure skating literally rocked my soul and I knew at this point that I would be in the show business because of the music, costumes, lights, and choreography. It is what I wanted to do. Since forever, I like to create and to learn from new things in connection with that. After my studies in music in piano and vocal at the University of Montreal, I learned to perform on stage in Asia. When I came back, a skating audition for a Hollywood production rocked my life, becoming acquainted with producing a TV program. And since, the life is strewn with musical projects enthralling and different (producing and creating music for TV program, documentaries, advertisements, short-film, songs for albums, etc where I create and sing/program/perform from scratch to the mix) one from the other which keeps me fresh and which always pushes me to improve myself. I seek to widen my basin of contacts. I like to collaborate with creative and nice peoples. The projects with international interest me enormously. I am opened with new experiments. I have weak for the song, the music which mixes the electro one, the organics, and which also requires to leave the beaten paths.
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