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Berlin, Germany
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Berlin, Germany
Michael Kiwanuka - Cold Little Heart (Cover)

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Country: Germany
Microphone: CM25 MkII

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Hello everyone! My name is Cilia and I’m a singer / songwriter whose sole experience stretches across my bedroom. I would like to change that and this is the reason why I’m here.

I have a couple of songs I wrote inspired by other people’s instrumentals as well as some songs I wrote to my own rather clumsy instrumental pieces. Unfortunately, I’m struggling to finish the writing process, not to mention to produce these tracks on my own.

I’m hoping to connect with people who can give me a constructive feedback on vocals, lyrics, arrangement, etc., or who might even be interested in joining me on some projects.

Currently, I’m recording my vocals with the Scarlett Studio Bundle, using FL Studio to put things together.

If you feel like my voice could fit your project or if you want to listen to some of my projects, feel free to message me.
Michael Kiwanuka - Cold Little Heart (Cover)

74 plays

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