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symbiose Symbiøse created this gig a year ago
Budget: $20 to $100
Royalty: 12% M P

Looking for: MALE VOCALIST Studio Access Required: YES
Country: ANY City: ANY Language: ENGLISH

Vocal Characteristics:
  • Raspy
  • Rough
  • Smooth
  • Silky
  • Strong
  • Crisp
  • Deep
  • High
  • Low

Vocal Styles:
  • Divo
  • Rap
  • Pop Divo

My motto is : produce quality rather than quantity

My process is :
Step 1 (Demo) : You send me a demo (On the track where you want to sing) with your vocal and if your vocal match with the track and you bring something interesting to the track then let's go for a collaboration ;-) I will give you some direction.
Step 2 (First work) : You try to send me something with all the ideas : melodies, lyrics then I will give you my feedback for the improvement parts.
Step 3 & more (Improvement) : Improvement parts
Step end : I need all the audios separatly (Lead, 2nd voice, 3rd voice) in format WAV (Best quality) without effects !! Recording with a good micro is the only Ipad, Phone

Information for this track :
This is the information for this track in order to go on the right direction :
-I need you to use your rap skills
-You must create lyrics and melodies (With the theme of "Rising Sun")
-The lyrics must be clean
-The melodies have to be clean, interesting ;-)
-When I made this track, my influences was : Flume, Flume & Flume so go listen this artist ;-)

Other things to know :
-I hate vocoder !! don't use this please
-You can use effects but not too much, I need a clean vocal for the mixing step anyway
-The melodies for me are more important than the lyrics. Except for rap parts

If you have questions, I'm available ;-)


Bids made (2)
Syracuse, United States
  • Sounds Like:
  • Usher
  • Trey Songz
  • Drake
  • Weeknd
  • Chris Brown
  • Studio Access:
  • YES
  • Microphone:
  • Baby Bottle Microphone
So Alive

Chris Brown & Drake-No Guidance-cover_(Clean Version)

Justin Bieber_Purpose Cover (Kehlani "Crazy" Mash Up)

You Got It (For Popular Ad Company)

3 Song Samples meshed in 1 mp3

Los Angeles, United States
  • Sounds Like:
  • Drake
  • Big Krit
  • Jay Z
  • Future
  • L
  • J Cole
  • Migos
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Studio Access:
  • YES
  • Microphone:
  • Audio Technica AT4040
America Prod.Fidem Beats

Damon Wayans Prod.Kato on the Track

Matcha Green Tea

W.Y.M (Why You Mad) Prod. Mechanical Pressure

Vito Prod. TeeFordTV

Growing Up Prod. Kamau Jamal Abercrombia

Final bid: $125 USD
Royalty: 12% M P
Bid Winner: Jurnalist
Bids made: 2
Average bid: $113 USD