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What is vocalizr?

Vocalizr is a unique, all-in-one solution for connecting producers and vocalists.

Our music industry experts have identified key problems faced by producers and vocalists.

We have created Vocalizr as a solution to these problems.

Completing projects faster and getting more work will now be a breeze.

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Create a profile

Vocalizr provides advanced profile options for vocalists and producers.

Profiles are viewable by other Vocalizr users and allow you to define your sound by specifying who you sound like, your vocal style and characteristics, and which genres you are most interested in.

You can showcase your sound by uploading a sample audio file.

You can even attach audio from your soundcloud profile.

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Find work

Gig Hunter allows you to search for projects and filter the results on vocal attributes such as who you sound like, your vocal characteristics and style, genres you are interested in and more.

When you find a project that you would be excited to be a part of, simply record your audition and submit your quote.

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Start a project

Finding the perfect voice for your projects has never been easier.

When creating your project you can define your requirements, including budget, location, who you want the vocalist to sound like, vocal characteristics and style, genre and much more.

Once published, vocalists can audition for your project or you can use our advanced search tools to find the vocalists you like and invite them to audition.

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Vocalizr Studio

Using Vocalizr Studio, producers and vocalists can collaborate on a project without ever having to be in the same room, allowing for a fast, yet quality result.

You can discuss your project brief, upload and share audio, comment on the latest vocals, and work together on lyrics all within your web browser.

Safe & Secure

The Vocalizr Escrow Payment System offers, safe and secure two way protection for producers and vocalists.

Project funds are held in Escrow until the vocal work has been satisfactorily completed while the vocal assets are not available for downloading by the producer until project payment has been released.

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