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Chicago, IL, United States
Sky High (Original Mix)

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It was just another day at the office when Ethan Jamrose and Storm Anderson decided to create the electronic dance music duo 'Work Friends.' Born from a passion for dance music and a variety of different musical influences, Work Friends create a fresh and unique sound that stems from years of musical involvement. Utilizing their background with live instruments (Ethan on the Saxophone, Storm on the Guitar) and knowledge of professional production techniques, Work Friends have successfully come up with a winning formula that bridges the gap between performer and producer with one goal in mind: make music they love.

Like many others, Ethan and Storm have big ideas and even bigger dreams. With a drive unmatched by anyone else in the electronic music Industry, the boys aim to break out of the 9-5 grind and follow their true passion: dance music. With their first major release 'Sky High' in October 2018, they hope to burst onto the electronic music scene and with a huge backlog of new songs in the pipeline, be sure to watch out for Work Friends in 2019 and beyond!
Sky High (Original Mix)

12 plays

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