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Denver, United States
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Denver, United States
Spectral (Drum and Bass)

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Stealthlike Mí - Secret Codes (Ballad)

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Country: United States

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22 years in the music industry professionally. Toured for 15 years, now own a recording studio in the mountains of Colorado USA. I've have been a professional drummer both in bands and sessions for main rock/punk/metal acts with the occasional hiphop or pop track. Today I'm a Multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, bass, and paino writing and recording music for Tv and Film with my partner Chan. Im frequently hired here in Denver working with local Rock / Punk acts as a Record Producer, Mix Engineer and I really enjoy working with new bands / artists on helping them achieve their musical goals in the studio. Of course I have many of my own musical projects I release and I'm always on the lookout for vocalists for hire and to collaborate on projects with.

Musical Bio includes:
Authority Zero (Drummer, Songwriter)
Record Thieves (Producer, Songwriter, Drummer, Engineer)
Blue Collar Prophet (Producer, Songwriter, Engineer)
Lunawolf (Producer, Songwriter, Engineer)
Stealthlike Mi (Producer, Songwriter, Engineer)
Ceekay Jones (Producer, Songwriter, Engineer)

TV/Film Credits:
Canon, Budweiser, Nascar, McDonald’s, Nickelodeon (Nick), Skullcandy Republic Services, Fox News, Massage Envy, Barret Jackson Car Show, Todd Mcfarlane productions, Rabbid’s Invasion, Phoenix International Raceway and more.
Spectral (Drum and Bass)

16 plays

Stealthlike Mí - Secret Codes (Ballad)

5 plays

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