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Sarnia, Canada
Member Since: January 4, 2021
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Country: Canada
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I have been working with music for near a decade.
Beat matching on digital turn tables (Herc) and trying to crack the code of proper lyrical content and subjects.
I believe I am at a point where I feel it possible to engage other musicians with my lyrical content and poetry of sorts.
I do not think I have the best voice for every project but I do have the ear for matching soulful and meaningful poems inspired by my walk of life. The perceptions of emotion and words I use are near and dear to me and I would like oppertunity to engage the population with a good and wholesome lyrical content. I feel that vulgarity and trashy content isnt always suitable and I have had to learn through trial and error not everyone agrees with the old rapping hood mentality I was trying to personify in my earlier years of music.

I studied English at the University and College, though I do not have any degrees or certificates because music took me on a whirlwind adventure every night most times all night and mostly alone, I strengthened my passion.

I preformed a few original tracks a year ago and it was the thrill I was seeking.

I hope I can work with you and we value each others products to merge and create master pieces for people to enjoy listening to and that they feel the urge to hit the repeat day. lol :D

Im new to Vocalizr but will be engaging frequently as this is a passion I have set goals to and therefore striving to achieve.

Much Love & Respect
- Andrew

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