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I would love to collaborate with you!

I have been a keen listener of electronic music for the past 15 years. Over the years, I've spent time enjoying and journeying through trance, progressive trance, progressive house, commercial dance, electro, deep house, liquid drum and bass, and now the more popular genres of electronic music such as trap, tropical house, and EDM-influenced commercial pop, and all mixtures of the above!

With this experience, I have developed a soulful approach to electronic music and I have created strong opinions of how productions should be. At the same, while collaborating, I make sure to listen to everyone's opinion and treat those opinions equally to my own. This is supposed to be fun after all. I get so much energy from working with others that I prefer working with other people.

I write and produce electronic-based music of all subgenres, but my demo reel right now only highlights lounge house, ambient / chill trap, and trance. Although my reel now is a bit more experimental, poppier slants of deep house, trap, and big-room projects will be presented in the near future!

I do not sing though have professional in-the-box vocal chains that I have developed over the years from gaining knowledge from professionals in the industry. If you can provide the top-notch vocal (that means at a minimum, you can record into, preferably, a quality microphone and interface that you like, it doesn't need to be crazy expensive), then I can provide the top-notch beat and blend the vocals with it.

Together I feel we can really create something special and unique.
Demo Reel

65 plays

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