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TURKU, Finland
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TURKU, Finland
Adelina - Our Last Night

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Member Since: December 27, 2017
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Gender: FEMALE
Country: Finland

Singer, songwriter and producer from Finland!

My musical journey began when I bought myself a MacBook when I was 11 ;)
I have been working with different producers and made a few collabs but I like to produce myself as much as I love to sing and write lyrics to other producers' tracks.
I like to produce and record acoustic tracks (sometimes together with a guitarist), but I also l o v e to produce and record EDM tracks :) EDM tracks are easy for me to write toplines for, sing on and work together on. I am very quick in writing lyrics, tracks and melodies. Maybe my strength is still my my voice. I have tried to figure out an artist I would sound like, but I pretty quickly gave up with that so I just sound like me !

Hope to work with You!

On Spotify you find me with: Adelina
Adelina - Our Last Night

99 plays

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