Selkii _ Soulful Singer Guitarist Composer

Female Vocalist and Producer, Orlando, United States
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Selkii _ Soulful Singer Guitarist Composer (
  • Vocalist
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Orlando, United States
Member Since: August 29, 2017
Studio Access: YES

Vocalist Fee: $400

Gender: FEMALE
Country: United States
Microphone: electro voice re20, Beta58a

  • Electro
  • Chill Out
  • Indie Dance
  • Country / Western
  • Indie Rock
  • Pop
  • Blues
  • Soul
  • Reggae
  • Folk
  • Deep House

Sounds Like: Sia 0 Amy Winehouse 0 Christina Perry 0 Pink 0 Selkii 0

Vocal Styles: Country 0 Diva 0 Musical Theatre 0 Pop Divo 0 Rock 0 Soulful 0 Spoken Word 0

Vocal Characteristic: Raspy 0 Silky 0 Smooth 0 Strong 0 Deep 0 Rough 0

Sel: A Seal. (Scot.)
Kii: Strange, Wonderful. (Jap.)
Singer-Guitarist Songstress, Selkii is best known in her native country South Africa where she became a finalist on South African IDOL, The Reality TV Singing competition under her birth name, Jess. She found her way to Orlando Florida as the lounge Singer-Guitarist Act on board Disney Cruise Lines. She has just relocated to the US.

Her nickname was born from her wet-suit wearing surf days in Cape Town's Icy waters & her passion for the Gaelic mythological Selkies of her Scots heritage.

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