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Groningen, Netherlands
Member Since: March 8, 2016
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Country: Netherlands

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Hello everybody,

My name is Fred van der Werf. Together with a collective of talented producers I am a songwriter and we are able to create anything from scratch. Our dance project is called SOS ( SEXOFSOUND ).We are looking for male or female singers who are able to record good quality vocals with their own recording studio. You can use your own songs or songs I wrote. If we have a new track I will post it here to open a gig.

We are using FL STUDIO 12 Producers Edition with M-AUDIO OXYGEN 49 Controller and Fostex MP. 05 MK2 Monitor speakers. Raw vocals are made with Cool Edit Pro to create examples of our own songs. SEXOFSOUND is founded in 2003. Since then we made a few dozen tracks with or without vocals. We have participated with a few singers male/female. The project had different members between 2003 and 2016. I am the only original member since the start. Other producers, songwriters went their own way. Of course we still have contact by social media and once in a while we drink a nice cup of coffee together to exchange new material.

You can find us also on Soundcloud and Beatport.

Kind regards.

SEXOFSOUND Dance Collective.


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