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Canberra, Australia
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Jayden Macdonald (
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Canberra, Australia
Member Since: August 17, 2020
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Gender: MALE
Country: Australia

  • House
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House Music Producer

Born In Australia’s Capital Jayden Grew Up Listening To All Kinds Of Music Genres
He Instantly Grew A Passion For Music And Wanted To Put His Mark On The Industry

“Ive Had some amazing feedback from the likes of Dom Dolla Blinkie Just Kiddin Jay pryor Jack wilby And many more”.

I made a vocalizr account because i am wanting to work with vocalists for my productions. Sadly ive only ever made demos of songs and sent them to artists due to me not being confident enough to release my music. I know i have good music and ive been told by professional producers! But one thing that is stopping me from releasing is vocals, i cant sing and thats where i need help to get my back on track to releasing music!, i need your help to help me reach my goal

I cant wait to work with some amazing people and can say with confidence that it will be amazing!

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