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Frio - With You (ft. Morgan Raas)
Frio - The Falling Stars (ft. Marck)
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I am unluv. I produce my music. I have started writing songs. You’re lucky I don’t sing. :P. I am going to release my EP ‘love is over-rated’ soon enough. I like to pigeon hole myself into ‘Chill-Pop’. I love chill & electronic vibes. I also love to explore, travel, watch ‘zombie’ movies and learn. Below is a link to demos of the songs I have produced and co-written. I hope you vibe with it. :)


Please let me know if you are interested to work together on something new.

I think we can make something really great together! :)

Warm regards,

Exploring his way out into the real world, he found out his vocation, Electronic Dance Music. During his secondary school years in India, having studied in a boarding school, it was his peers who made him stumble upon the art. Having gained immediate interest, he started exploring the field of music. When he was 16, a simple google search changed the way he looked at the field of music, “How do DJ’s produce music?”. Frio never looked back after that. He has spent days & nights self-educating him on the art of electronic music production.

Frio is currently working on his releasing his singles. He has been working with a lot of Under-Rated Artists & plans to release around 4 singles in 2018. He believes in bringing the electronic music scene to the mainstream media where people are not skeptical about it but welcome it with open hearts. He believes in doing so by showing people that EDM’s are not only restricted to upbeat songs where DJ’s run the crowd but electronic music can also be enjoyed and grooved along with. He wants to perform electronic music live & inspire other people to do so.

In Frio’s words, “Music should not be occasional, it should be something that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere & with anyone”.

Website: Frio Music
Instagram: @FrioMusicOfficial
Soundcloud: @FrioMusicOfficial
Facebook: @FrioMusicOfficial

Debut Release: WIth You (ft. Morgan Raas) available on all online stores and streaming stations.

Email: contact @ Friomusic . com
Frio - With You (ft. Morgan Raas)

Frio - The Falling Stars (ft. Marck)

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