Mike Kremer

(Vocalist, Producer)
Köln, Germany
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Mike Kremer (
  • Vocalist
  • Producer

Köln, Germany
Stardust (Acoustic Version)

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Member Since: July 22, 2018
Studio Access: YES

Gender: MALE
Country: Germany
Microphone: Neumann U67, TLM49, U87i, and some others

  • House
  • Pop
  • Folk
  • Commercial House

  • English
  • German

Vocal Styles: Pop Divo 1

Vocal Characteristic: Crisp 1 Silky 0

Male singer, 33 years old, based in Cologne, Germany. Languages: German and English (no native speaker though). Lead singer in a band called "Miljö" (you'll find it on YouTube or Spotify).
Stardust (Acoustic Version)

70 plays

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