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Hong Kong SAR China

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First a listener, then a music lover, and finally a producer. When I was first introduced to electronic music, I already knew I would never forget that euphoric experience.

I listen to almost all kind of electronic music. But nothing moves me more than Porter Robinson's Worlds album. It marks the biggest change in his music career as well as my mine(that's when I started producing). The touching lyrics and strong melodic melodies guided me to express my stress and feeling through music, and I became a better person.

Almost the same time, one of my all time favorite artist Seven Lions released the Worlds Apart EP. The similarity between the style of this EP and Porter Robinson's album struck me -- this strong and determined mood, while melancholic sound should define my music style. That's when I started producing Melodic Dubstep.
Though I know this would be a long and tiring journey, nothing will stop me.

This is my Sound Project!

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