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Vallejo, United States
Rocky Rivera - Beautiful Struggle Remix feat Otayo Dubb (prod by Rod Roc)

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RIVERS - Warlock[s]

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Mariyett Abuda - Killer (prod by Rod Roc)

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Rod Roc


Digital Martyrs | RIVERS | Souled Out Underground | Land of Nod | Skratchpad SF

The Daly City bred and Vallejo town native, was better known to people as Rodney-O or Rod Roc, started DJing in 93' at local house parties, school dances, and various venues until about 98', where he linked up with legendary Daly City DJ crew, Second To None Productions. Paying dues with the STN crew exposed a mass amount of new opportunities within the industry, which led Rod Roc to slowly but surely start rocking major notable events around the Bay Area and beyond. Sharing the stage with inspirational idols such as: A Tribe Called Quest, Mary J. Blige, Hieroglyphics, Method Man, Queen Latifah, Fingerbangerz, Cut Chemist & DJ Numark, The Original Black Eyed Peas, Tower of Power, Dilated Peoples, Jurassic 5, Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Living Legends, DJ Flare, Top Rawmen, The Beat Junkies, Moonrocks, The Earthlings, and Saul Williams.

Approaching 2011, Second To None began contemplating a retirement plan from the scene, although, that did not stop Rod Roc from moving forward. A new idea presented itself and it led him to give birth to a magnificent brainchild named, Souled Out Radio. The idea was recognized as a platform and/or outlet that catered to local Bay Area independent artists/musicians and beyond. The inspiration manifested from an evil plot developed by corporate pigs to buy out all the local radio stations (106 KMEL/WILD 107) and basically cut all free airplay as well as radio hosts that didn't comply. Thus, forcing stations to abide by premeditated playlists which corporate America controled to simply force-feed the public ear. Souled Out Radio's show lineup was; Schoolyard Saturdays, Sunday Night Break-Fast, and The Thursday Night Throwdown, which were all operated right out of his Vallejo home-base.

Not too long after, Rod Roc joined forces with local Bay Area DJ/Producer; Joe Dukes, and rookie up-and-coming DJ, The Mighty Delrokz, to create independent music label, Souled Out Underground. Souled Out Underground was home to numerous independent Bay Area artists/producers/DJs and was also known to throw some of the freshest shows at the time, showcasing legendary acts such as; Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Akil the MC (Jurassic 5), Vera Clique, Melina Jones, Group Therapy, The EarthTones, Poeticali Disturbd, Jendor, 4OneFunk, Monophonics, Kero One, Mixed Messengers, Jern Eye (Lunar Heights), Hopie Spitshard, Do , Zion I, JNatural, Deedot, Mind Complex, Unified School District, and the list goes on.

In 2008, Rod Roc was offered a residency with one of the Bay Area's most infamous events known as, Skratchpad. The event was held every 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month @ The Cellar, located right in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District. It was the first event of it’s kind and created by well known skratch DJs and fellow Vallejo natives, Celskiii & Deeandroid. And it didn’t stop there because around the same time, Rod Roc was recruited as the permanent DJ and official fourth member of independent Bay Area hip-hop group, Group Therapy, alongside rhymesayers: LMNtal, Inkfat, and Random.

A few years down the road in 2011, Rod Roc linked up with Northern California’s independent political hip-hop heavy hitters, Digital Martyrs, as their DJ/Co-Producer and fourth official member alongside fellow martyrmen: Off Balance, Archetype, and Saifallah. Then folowing Rod Roc’s arrival, Samoan bar-spitter, Uptown Swuite, was also added to the team, making them a definite force to be reckoned with.

And finally in Roc and younger brother, Weerdough (Rene Rivers), join forces to create hip-hop MC/Producer duo, RIVERS.

He’s The DJ [Mixtape] – 2004
Headphone Treatment [Mixtape] – 2005
Til’ Infinity [Mixtape] – 2007
BLAST IT!!! [Mixtape] – 2008
Daly City High School [Mixtape] – 2008
LOVE is LOVE [Mixtape] – 2009
The “V” [Mixtape] – 2009
Souled Out Underground Label Sampler [Mixtape] – 2010
LIVE @ The World Famous Wake-Up Show w/ Sway & King Tech [Mixtape] – 2011
The Heiro Translations [Mixtape] – 2011
Shayboogie+Rod Roc present: All Kinds of Naked [Mixtape] – 2011
World War 2012 [Mixtape] – 2011
Dazed & Infuzed [Mixtape] – 2011
Land of Nod [Mixtape] – 2011
Brainwork [Mixtape] – 2011
Pre-Closure [LP] – 2012
Rod Roc VS Digital Martyrs Beat Tape [Mixtape] – 2012
Thank You [Instrumental LP] – 2012
The Leech Mob [Mixtape] – 2013
Digital Martyrs | Martyrmen [EP] – 2013
Digital Martyrs | A Prelude to the Bullet [LP] – 2014
[Mixtape] – 2014
Retrospect v_1 [Mixtape] – 2015
Bambu | The Party Worker Remixed by Digital Martyrs [LP] – 2015
Rymeezee | Bourne Bad (Building A Dream) [LP] – 2015
The Ballad of the Bullet Mixtape [LP] – 2016
Better Late Than Never Mixtape [LP] – 2017
RIVERS | Tortuga [EP] - 2017
Can’t Live Without Them [Beat Tape] - 2017
Uptown Swuite | Church St. Blues - 2017
*F* What You Heard [Beat Tape] - 2017
Digital Martyrs | Live to Fight Another Day [LP] – 2018
RIVERS | Bridges [LP] – 2018
Rocky Rivera - Beautiful Struggle Remix feat Otayo Dubb (prod by Rod Roc)

28 plays

RIVERS - Warlock[s]

2 plays

Mariyett Abuda - Killer (prod by Rod Roc)

1 play

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