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Seattle/Los Angeles, United States
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Seattle/Los Angeles, United States
Bonfire Dream feat. Bad Kid Billy

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Heralded as "The Fathers of Modern Cybernetics," Skeets and Rubicon spent their formative years developing advanced neural networks and software algorithms based on their extensive perceptual and psychoacoustic research. Their goal was to create hybrid cybernetic systems capable of augmenting their own senses and cognitive processes in order to produce highly-optimized bangers for generations to come. The accumulation of their efforts is presented to you in the form of Robot Jox.

Production Credits include: Microsoft, Pepsi, Xbox One, Gatorade, NCR, Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Pokemon, iHeart Radio, Bellevue Rare Coins, The Humane Society of the United, States, Choklate, The Natural Truth (TNT), Jairemie Alexander, Gad Elbaz, and Nissim to name a few.
Bonfire Dream feat. Bad Kid Billy

35 plays

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