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Raleigh, United States
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oblivion (
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Raleigh, United States
demo track for female vocals

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Member Since: January 7, 2019
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Gender: MALE
Country: United States
Microphone: audiotechnica at2020

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in terms of looking for a vocalist ---

i have been producing for 25 years - without much success
i feel like i am finally able nowadays to make a sound i like and manage all the details

i work with WAV files i expect raw vocals sent over the internet
i send WAV files over mediafire - i can make 3 revisions to a track

i produce strictly post-witchhouse, which is very similar to witchhouse but has more freedom
everything must be spooky, or mysterious

i work with a high end laptop, im working on building a stronger pc so i can run more effects/instruments
i have a Steinberg ur242 interface, a at2020 audio technical microphone, and a pair of ath-m50x audio technical headphones
i also work with jbl monitors specifically the 308p mkii 8 inch powered monitors, with an integrated lsr310s 10 inch sub
my overall studio is around $5000 invested, i work in a garage - im not into sound proofing or anything as theyre near fields

i typically make a 5 track ep, i can release 4 of my own songs and 1 song of yours or if youre good ill pay what i can for 5 tracks from you

i work with a nonprofit label, i am looking for something better with more exposure
i can make a generic video but i cannot make film - if you have film i can integrate it
a cover photo would be appreciated

i am looking to get 1-10m views on youtube
i can expect from market research to get 300 to 3000 views
i myself can guarantee about 100 views

any help with this would be greatly appreciated especially if you make compelling vocals

im not in this to lose but i do understand the artistic ideology
i am looking to be wow'd and i hope that you want to blow my socks off

i can work on lyrics with you or you can take your own artistic freedom

spoken word, whispers, unintelligble wailing, all are acceptable

i can do vocals myself - i may add sketch vocals to a production to give you an affirmative lead
i may also add my own vocals depending on what the fit with the track is, the more pop it is the better

i want to win ----- i hope you do too
and its an easy genre to work with and get a spectacular hit without a lot of competition
it is unfortunately a "fickle" genre though and theres conformity to certain things that is more or less required
part of which is bland af or just weird or whatever

royalties would be "standard" if there ever were any
all i can see is a movie soundtrack deal or something similar otherwise there basically is no money
no outlet, no promotion, nothing to work with but our own blood sweat and tears

whatever name you choose gets listed as "oblivion - name of track feat. your name"
if you want to be a "band" we go with oblivion

if i think of anything else ill post it here
demo track for female vocals

30 plays

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