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Austin, United States
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Austin, United States
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Hello! My name is Anthony Patino and I publish music under the alias "Nothing System" on YouTube. I'm a producer focused primarily on EDM genres and remixes of other genres. My favorite genres are: Melodic Dubstep, Future Bass, Chill-Fi, Synthwave, Hardwave, DnB, Electro House, Industrial House/Rock, and Nu Disco. I'm not afraid of any other genres and prefer not to limit myself by focusing on any one of those in particular.

I am available for direct hire. Please provide your song key, bpm, and at least 1-3 professionally mastered (not your own tracks) reference songs when hiring me directly for production. I enjoy the sound design aspect of this work. I love hearing and reverse engineering sounds people request in gigs.

I'm available for video conferences to assist in the production effort.
Demo Medley - All Genres

15 plays
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Private Gig a week ago
AmandaRBelll said...
"It was a pleasure working with Anthony! He is very talented and professional. I look forward to future projects hopefully!"
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