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Adelaide, Australia
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Adelaide, Australia
King of My Castle

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Born and raised in Australia, James Totani produces music under alias 'netanya', and his infectious releases have garnered over 2 million streams on all streaming platforms and appeared in the charts numerous times.

After six years of releasing singles, Netanya released his first album called ‘Crave You’ on November 23rd 2020, which has 15 trap, future bass and house songs to chill to, including the titular track – which appeared on Episode 28 of Indie Network Radio Show – as well as the #41 iTunes Electronic Australia single “Learning to be Me”; and “Lemme Go”, which featured vocals from Marco Finotti.

In February 14th 2022, Netanya is set to release a second album, with 15 brand new dance-pop and bass trap songs, including the breakthrough single “King of My Castle”, which peaked at #6 on the AMRAP Metro Chart in the second week of its release, with more singles on the way.

King of My Castle

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