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Bangkok, Thailand
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Michi (
  • Female Vocalist

Bangkok, Thailand
Now and Then

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Member Since: November 25, 2017
Studio Access: YES

Vocalist Fee: $250

Gender: FEMALE
Country: Thailand
Microphone: Shure SM7B

  • Nu Disco

  • English

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I'm Michi, and I am from Canada. I currently live in Bangkok, Thailand and I am a solo artist. I make a concoction of R&B, Neosoul, Jazzhop and Retro Pop. I perform around Thailand at music festivals and artist showcases. I've shared the stage with Def Jam artists and have written English songs for signed artists.

Music published in TV, film and radio.

I'm a huge fan of pop, funk, nudisco. 80s pop, retrowave, vaporwave, jazzhop, lofi, chillwave I would love to collaborate with producers exploring these genres. I'm not driven by the $, I just want to connect with producers and composers who genuinely want to make good f*ckin music!

Soundcloud --> hellomichimusic
IG --> hellomichimusic
Now and Then

59 plays

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