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Toronto, Canada
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meganlevine (
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Toronto, Canada
Slow Down

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Member Since: September 7, 2019
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Gender: FEMALE
Country: Canada
Microphone: Apex 580

  • Indie Dance

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Hi! I've been writing songs for nearly my whole life, and only recently started releasing my own music. However, I can write in any genre and style you throw at me! I have a degree in creative writing so I'm very good at storytelling and creating an atmosphere and tone in every song I write. I try to stay away from cliches as much as I can (unless crucial to the song), so that each song is unique and fresh, but still relatable.
I am currently working full time as a freelance writer and vocalist so my hours are very flexible and I can get a song out to you as soon as you need it!
I'd love to be given the chance to make your songs amazing! :)
Slow Down

163 plays

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