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Salta, Argentina
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Salta, Argentina
Death and Life - MAXI

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Member Since: November 30, 2020
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Producer Fee: $100
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Gender: MALE
Country: Argentina
Microphone: behringer C 1

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That is a demo of a song i made for my next album, i have a good quality microphone in which i can record myself professionaly, i'll do whatever instructions you say to make a good song, i don't want you to feel any preasure of saying if you don't like how is going, its totally fine and useful to improve and fix every mistake till you're a 100% happy with the work done, i also can help you with compositions, harmonics, guitars and virtual instruments, i'll be very happy to help you with that too, i'll send you the vocal stems dry so you can mix it to your liking, if you want me to do some mixing we can discuss it
If you decide to include me in your relese please use "ft Maxi Garcia Vidal"
i always try to answer your messages as soon as i can so you don't waste any time
For more of my work you can find me on Spotify and YouTube as Maxi Garcia Vidal and on instagram as @maxigarciavidal
Feel free to message me if you like my singing style
Death and Life - MAXI

46 plays

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