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Thessaloniki, Greece
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Member Since: February 13, 2024
Studio Access: YES

Vocalist Fee: $240

Gender: FEMALE
Country: Greece
Microphone: Rode NT1-A

  • Trance
  • Drum and Bass
  • House
  • Dubstep
  • Hardcore
  • Nu Disco
  • Prog Rock
  • Blues
  • Opera
  • Tropical House
  • Commercial House
  • RnB
  • Rock
  • Indie Rock
  • Pop
  • Soul

  • English

Sounds Like: Dua Lipa 0 Aurora 0 Billie Eilish 0 Electric Youth 0 Amy Lee 0

Vocal Styles: A Capella 0 Opera 0 Pop Diva 0 Rock 0 Soulful 0 Spoken Word 0

Vocal Characteristic: Crisp 0 High 0 Low 0 Silky 0 Smooth 0 Strong 0

Hello! :))
I'd love to bring your ideas to life!

I'm a full-time Singer, Producer, and Songwriter. I come equipped with a BA in Pop, Jazz and Opera department. I'm also experienced with vocal coaching and voice therapy.

I am very versatile, creative and I can adjust my vocals to every music with a lot of inspiration. I have over 15+ years of experience in the music industry, working with producers from all over the world, creating various art projects that are masterfully expressed to impact people.

**I will provide raw, .wav form vocal stems for your mix**

All I need to get started is the following:

Vocal demo of your song
Instrumental wav or mp3
Lyric sheet

*A reference track from an existing song will also help me get closer to your ideas for the vocal mood.

I am a live performer as well as a studio singer. With perfect pitch as well as being a perfectionist, my raw vocals will require very little enhancing which means less work for you!

I look forward to working with you!

I can provide you with Female vocals on your song strong or soft based on a reference or idea.
ToplineVocal melodies and Lyrics Be sure to sent me a reference track that inspired you if thats an option.
Backing vocals harmoniesadlibs.
The process of recording a project can take from 13 days and lyric writing from up to 2 to 14 days . super fast delivery is an extra.
Pop Mashup Vocal Sampls

31 plays

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