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Hi I'm Kevin From Scotland. I have been in my cave producing for around 18 years with limited success - several club tracks and remixes released a while ago on 2 European Dance music labels. One of my best songs got played on BBC radio recently. I was the next Calvin just never got discovered lol!
I have a large catalogues of tracks. Some finished, some not quite. A lot of them are very unique sounding and I think could do well if they were mixed professionally with stand out vocals. The one played on BBC radio was professionally mixed (even although I regret the vocals - they could have been so much better). But I'm through with paying silly fees for singers who do an hour's work on my track and get a payday. I haven't earned a penny.
I'm looking for a collaboration with a great unknown vocalist who see's potential in my tracks. I plan on targeting synch placements which give large payouts. I would split it 60-40 with you. I hope you will help me find opportunities and help with promo. I am not internet or social media savvy which of course you have to be today.
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