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Orlando, United States
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K'Antre (
  • Male Vocalist

Orlando, United States

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Member Since: October 6, 2015
Studio Access: YES

Producer Fee: $100
Vocalist Fee: $100

Gender: MALE
Country: United States
Microphone: Rode NT-1A

  • Dubstep
  • Rap
  • Reggae
  • Glitch Hop

Sounds Like: Kanye West 0 Big Sean 0 Kendrick Lamar 1

Vocal Styles: Rap 1 Soulful 0 Spoken Word 0 A Capella 0 Reggae 0 Rock 0

Vocal Characteristic: Deep 0 Raspy 0 Rough 0 Smooth 0 High 0 Strong 0 Crisp 0 Low 0 Silky 0

K'Antre (°1992, Savannah, GA) creates music and various other media art.
His performances often refer to pop and mass culture. In his music K’Antre creates a world where light-heartedness rules and where rules are undermined. By using popular themes such as sexuality, family structure and violence, he touches various overlapping themes and strategies. Several reoccurring subject matter can be recognized, such as the relation with popular culture and media, working with repetition, provocation and the investigation of the process of expectations.
His works are characterized by the use of everyday objects in an atmosphere of middleclass mentality in which recognition plays an important role. K'Antre currently lives and works in Atlanta, GA.

769 plays

I Prefer

276 plays

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