Need Powerful Vocalist for Activist RnB Track (Deadline Today)

  • RnB

DrahcirMarie DrahcirMarie created this gig 11 months ago
Budget: $100 to $300

Looking for: FEMALE VOCALIST Studio Access Required: YES
Country: ANY City: ANY Language: ENGLISH

Vocal Characteristics:
  • Strong

Need a powerful, soulful RnB vocalist to sing Activism hook. Need topline + layers + low harmony.

Deadline is today.

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Tulsa, United States
  • Sounds Like:
  • I Sound Like Different Variations Of Me...to Others I'm Told Whitney
  • Nina Simon
  • Phyllis Hyman
  • With The Capability To Sound Like Maria
  • Amy Winehouse
  • Adele. But When You Want Me
  • You Get The Best Of Who I Am.
  • Studio Access:
  • YES
  • Microphone:
  • Rode NT-1A Modified
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Final bid: $60 USD
Bid Winner: NJE
Bids made: 1
Average bid: $60 USD