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mandereedi Mandé created this gig 6 days ago
Budget: $20 to $100
Royalty: 41% M

Looking for: PRODUCER Studio Access Required: NO
Country: ANY City: ANY Language: ENGLISH

Please note that the audio file above is not mine whatsoever. The singer of this song is one of the writers of the show (more on that below) and has written this song in inspiration of it. This audio file was uploaded to give a sense of the thematic elements that I am looking for. That being said, the genre of this project will not be specified. I am paying attention to the feel of the music rather than the actual instrumentation. Therefore, please don't hesitate to bid due to your experience in a certain genre. I am looking forward to it.

Hi, my name is Mandé, and I'm a singer-songwriter. I am currently in session with a series of songs that will possibly be placed on a Netflix show soon. I would normally produce these tracks myself; however, I am facing a bit of a mild time constraint. For this reason, I would like a producer willing to take up this task.

Some Important Notes:

- I WILL NOT PAY for this gig; HOWEVER, I will be happy to negotiate Mechanical Royalties ONLY (Performance Royalties will not be necessary) as these payments will be more beneficial due to the nature of this project.

- I will be SINGING and CO-PRODUCING most, if not all the songs I plan on releasing. This is NOT AN INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM. However, I do plan on placing a few instrumental interludes between songs, if possible.

- I will need a (very) short demo of your work (to make sure its the right type of music) if you are interested in this gig. I will personally send you a message containing the information for said demo. If I do not send you a message, please send me one so that I can give you these details.

- In addition, I will explain the nature of this project when you submit a bid.

- When you submit a bid, please indicate the bid price to be $21. I will not send you information or will not reply to your messages if the bid is higher than $21.

- Please feel free to send me a message with any questions! My email is mandereedi g mail (dot) com. If I cannot reach you by message here on Vocalizr, please send me an email. I will surely respond on time.

- I will also be in touch and choose multiple producers, not just a single one. I plan for this to be a mutual, multi-cooperational effort.

Thank you very much! I hope to hear from many of you!

- Mandé

*I was unaware of the new rules for messaging and connecting with people. Please follow ALL RULES posted above and just send me an email for the information after bidding. Thank you.

Audio File: (C) Leigh Bardugo only. All Rights Reserved for Leigh Bardugo only.

Bids made (9)
Chrometor PRO
  • Sounds like:
  • Till Lindemann
  • Frankenstein
  • Chrometor
  • Studio Access:
  • NO
  • Microphone:
  • Sennheiser E835
Apple Pie
Ocean Eyes
Fragile Towers
Power of Man
Neil A.
Skeptics Inc.
Sarasota, United States
  • Sounds like:
  • No One/strange
  • Studio Access:
  • YES
  • Microphone:
  • m_audio assortment
Come Blaze With Me- DJ Slim (Puff Pass Records)
Eyes On You Remix- Keylas
Lonely-D.O.U. (2005 haha Im old)
Carmen Mi Amore
Go Ham
We Everywhere Black Flagg Labs Feat Manfreezey
Freestyle Shit -Bink Feat Manfreezey (rough)
WInds of Change Feat. Manfreezey by Bawston Strangla
Last Will
  • Sounds like:
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Bee Gees
  • George Michael
  • Babyface
  • Sam Smith
  • Studio Access:
  • YES
  • Microphone:
  • Rode
Barnsley, United Kingdom
  • Studio Access:
  • YES
take your pain away
nobody but you
Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Sounds like:
  • All Top 10 Music
  • Studio Access:
  • YES
  • Microphone:
  • Neumann / Rode / Shure etc.
Showreel: 9 x 20 seconds p/song (2017)
Showreel: 12 x 10 seconds p/song (2016)
  • Studio Access:
  • YES
My Production (Instrumental)
Calgary, Canada
  • Sounds like:
  • Brock Hampton
  • Logic
  • Kaytranada
  • Mac Miller
  • Zeko Deshoda
  • Studio Access:
  • YES
  • Microphone:
  • Advanced Audio: CM47ve Tube AKG: C414 XLS
Zeko Deshoda | DIAL DIAL DIAL
NEVIK | Get Ya ft. Zeko Deshoda
  • Studio Access:
  • YES
Awakening (Michael Brun Mix)
BAHA & Osen - Insane (David Guetta - DJ Mix 245)[OUT NOW]
Osen & BAHA - The Warrior (Lush & Simon Remix) - Tiesto playing on Diplo & Friends (BBC Radio 1Xtra)
Berlin, Germany
  • Studio Access:
  • YES
Official Remix for Carter Reeves
Tropical House Example
Production for Alex Fourshee
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