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Louisville, United States
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Member Since: March 5, 2019
Studio Access: YES

Gender: FEMALE
Country: United States
Microphone: Charter Oak E700

  • Electro
  • Chill Out
  • Indie Dance
  • Blues

  • English

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Vocal Styles: Pop Diva 0

Vocal Characteristic: Deep 1 Smooth 1 Strong 1

I am a singer songwriter who has been recording in a studio environment for many years. I am very comfortable singing different styles of music and my voice can be powerful as well as softer, more airy and easy going. I am very competent at harmonies and have a solid music theory base. I play both piano and guitar.
I have a professional recording studio set up in my home and I use both logic and cubase to record projects, I know my way around both programs pretty well.
I have been songwriting for around 9 years, my style can vary depending on the song but I generally write a mix of pop/soul/indie/alternative. I have released 10 original songs that are streamable on most platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud) which will give you an idea of not only my vocal ability and vocal style but also my recording ability/quality.

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