Your Friend Deej

(Vocalist, Producer)
Baeza, Spain
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Your Friend Deej (
  • Vocalist
  • Producer

Baeza, Spain
Member Since: November 26, 2017
Studio Access: YES

Gender: MALE
Country: Spain
Microphone: Rode NT1

  • Indie Rock
  • Folk

Sounds Like: Jim Morrison 0 Beck 0 Sage The Gemini 0

Vocal Styles: Classical 0 Country 0 Rock 0 Soulful 0

Vocal Characteristic: Crisp 0 Deep 0 High 0 Strong 0 Raspy 0 Rough 0

I've been been in a few rock bands. I also make a lot of folk music. From Seattle, WA but I'm currently living in Spain.

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