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New York, United States
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I am a producer and DJ ,I am a Former nightclub DJ from NYC whom have Played at big Name ventures such as tilt,Roxys ,ClubUSA,Tunnel,Wonderbar ,The Melting Pot ,Club 10 etc. I Took on Production being influenced by many Big Names whim I had the honor to spin with. I have a passion for music and love experimenting on Different Dance Genres From House,Disco,Trance,*80's Freestyle and a fusion of all the above just as long at is am always looking for great vocalists that wouldn't mind experimenting on Different musical task,Collabs are always an option but I must be honest,not to offend but as we all know, The vocalists usually gets the higher recognition and over shadow the producer but never has to deal with the high cost of gear,software and utilities used not to mention the countless hours in mixing the track not to discredit the vocalists because they are An essential and important part of the entire production but both parties should be Respected I as the producer hold deep respect for these talented individuals and expect the same in return, I would be willing to work things out to fairly benefit all parties Involved,I don't believe in underhanded schemes and would prefer to work with down to earth vocalists in a semi pro relationship . Artist must not be antisocial ,or do Drugs or be,Disrespectful and project a very courteous social attitude which is always a plus I usually search for female vocal artists although not limited to just one would love to hear from vocalists out there that find this ad appealing and would send me A demo of some of their work attached to a contact number and pic to see if things lead toward a positive Bless and Thanks.

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