"Again" Female Vocalist Needed - Indie Rock

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Music Producer - rlweaver2 pro Raym created this contest 2 months ago
Payment: $200

Looking for: FEMALE VOCALIST Studio Access Required: NO
Country: ANY City: ANY Language: ENGLISH

This contest is to identify a vocalist that will agree to be featured artist of the final recording. So please enter only if you are not ok with this. Listen closely to words and the genre and make sure its aligned with your music and image. We will be pushing this for TV/film sync. Feel free to reach out on this if you want to discuss before entering.

After identifying a winner, I will hire that winner for $200 to complete the final vocals.
Vocalist will be assigned 25% of master recording royalties.
I am doing this in two stages because I don't think vocalist should have to do a complete recording job to enter this contest.

Sing at least the first verse, first pre-chorus and first chorus. Please include a sample of how you would approach backgrounds, but full backgrounds are not needed. We are looking for a match at this point , not finished vocals. But, of course, this is a competition. So, if you are interested, provide enough to make your case.

Complete Song is on Soundcloud. Snippet was shared here. Contact me for full instrumental.


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Before you can upload a demo you must download the track first to record over.

  1. Download the track
  2. Pick the chorus or verse from lyrics provided
  3. Record yourself singing over track
  4. Upload your demo to the contest