Session Singer, Vocalist, Songwriter - corinnajane corinnajane
Payment: $150
Royalty: 50% M P

Looking for: PRODUCER Studio Access Required: NO BPM: 122
Country: Australia City: MELBOURNE Language: ENGLISH

I am looking for a professionally-minded producer with superb communication skills, a reliable work ethic and a collaborative approach to help me finish this track, which is intended for commercial release/sync licensing placement. The finished product will be submitted to record labels or released through my own label. The artist name will be along the lines of "Corinna Jane & Your Name", unless you prefer to work as a ghost producer. I will share royalties with you. Membership of a PRO (Performing Rights Organization) is helpful but not essential.

I am open to genres and styles, as long as the sound quality and production is excellent, and as long as the vocal is nicely prominent in the mix. I love to hear creativity and cool ideas! If your idea is in a different style than the ones listed above, please go for it.

The sample vocal attached has FX on it but should be good enough to help you craft a demo. If successful, I will supply you with the raw studio file on WAV. If you plan to use auto-tune, I prefer that you do so tastefully.

I'll also be writing additional lyrics and plan to record again in a local studio to suit your music, so a fast turnaround is not required.

The BPM is 122 and you'll have to figure out the key.

Very much looking forward to hearing your ideas! :)

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Mos Kode
Contest Awarded
Royalty: 50% M P
Bid Winner: Mos Kode
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Before you can upload a demo you must download the track first to record your music with it.

  1. Download the audio
  2. Pick a section of the vocals to record with
  3. Place vocals over your beat
  4. Upload your demo to the contest