Top-line Vocal Requested

Music Producer - alanfullmer Alan Fullmer
Payment: $700
Royalty: 50% M P

Looking for: FEMALE VOCALIST Studio Access Required: YES BPM: 128
Country: United States City: SALT LAKE CITY Language: ENGLISH

Vocal Characteristics:
  • Smooth
  • Silky

Vocal Styles:
  • Pop Diva

Looking for a top-line female vocalist that is very confident. I’m searching for a specific sound and I’ll know it when I hear it. I don’t want obvious auto-tune. I tend to lean towards the angelic and atmospheric sounds, but strong and smooth is also good for this track.

C# Maj / 128 BPM
I need the following:
0:00-:30 4-8 bar Intro Adlibs/Chorus/Chants, something to fill the initial vibe.
:30-45 8 bar Verse 1
:45-1:00 8 bar PreChorous/Build. (Could be repeated on second PC)
1:07-1:37 16 bar Chorus/Drop (can be adlibs,etc.) repeatable x 2
1:52-2:07 8 bar Verse 2 (unique from verse 1)
2:07-2:22 8 bar PreChorous/Build
0:00-3:38 (various adlibs, sounds, chants, etc.)

I’m including a melody.
You can:
1. Use this melody (preferred)
2. Use it and modify it to fit better with your voice and creative idea
3. Create a new melody instead

I’ve put the melody in as a piano and can bounce a version without it if requested.

I am including possible lyric keywords.
You can:
1. Use the lyric words
2. Use part and modify them
3. Create new lyrics (radio friendly, positive, uplifting. (Not depressing or downers))

Any questions, please ask!
Possible lyric keywords:
Rain, Stars, Sunrise, Sunset, Sunshine, Lightning, Speed of light, afterlife, heaven, paradise, breathe, music, relax, future.

Link to melody:

Entries (2)
L T Vox
Contest Awarded
Royalty: 50% M P
Bid Winner: Iva Rii
Entries made: 2

Before you can upload a demo you must download the track first to record over.

  1. Download the track
  2. Pick the chorus or verse from lyrics provided
  3. Record yourself singing over track
  4. Upload your demo to the contest