Solitary - Mahr

  • Electronica
  • House
  • Chill Out

Music Producer - CaptusMusic MAHR created this contest 3 years ago
Payment: $300
Royalty: 25% M

Looking for: VOCALIST Studio Access Required: YES BPM: 90
Country: ANY City: ANY Language: ENGLISH

Vocal Characteristics:
  • Smooth

Solitary is my new song that I've been working on for the last three days. I think the chainsmokers - Don't let me down type of vocals would fit good in it? I'm up for any suggestion! :) I know that the asking price may seem a bit low, but at the time I'm a student, and I really don't have that much to spend on But if this could be something for you, I would really like to hear it!! The song will be professionally mastered. I also willing to work on the lyrics together :)

- Mahr

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Royalty: 25% M
Bid Winner: avass1991
Entries made: 1

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